SEA's Restoration Group provides comprehensive restoration and repair services for masonry, concrete and steel. Our engineers return historic structures to their original glory and perform maintenance and repair work on more modern structures to increase safety and facility lifespan.

Our Services:
Due Diligence & Condition Studies
Building Façade Inspections & Repairs/Restoration
Emergency Structural Repairs & Temp. Shoring
Parking Garage Repairs & Waterproofing Systems
Forensic Investigations
Concrete Delamination Surveys
Masonry Analysis, Repairs & Restoration
Foundation Repairs & Underpining
Cathodic Protection Systems

We approach each restoration project with practical, long-term solutions in mind. For each project, we study the structure to determine why deterioration is occurring and then develop an individualized plan for repair. The following steps are part of our restoration process.

The first step in any restoration project is an initial site visit to assess the general condition of the structure. Additional visits may be necessary to study specific areas more thoroughly and observe underlying conditions. Other tasks performed in the assessment may include reviewing available documents relating to the building structure, performing load capacity calculations, developing repair/upgrade options and establishing a budget for repairs.

Report & Recommendation
Once the assessment is complete, SEA will prepare a detailed report of our findings and provide recommendations for repair. SEA recognizes that our reports may be used for budgeting and planning purposes, so we always prioritize our recommendations and include estimated repair costs.

After the report has been reviewed and a plan of action has been approved, we will prepare detailed repair documentation. This documentation includes drawings, details and specifications.

Critical to the success of any restoration project is the actual performance of work. Our staff of engineers oversees the contractor's execution of the design documents and the application of repair procedures by providing on-site visits to inspect the project.

SEA conducts façade studies, prepares repair documents and works closely with specialty contractors to assist clients with receiving competitive bids or negotiating for services.
Siceluff Hall
Railway Express Building
McDonald Hall & Arena
Union Station
811 Main Parking Garage
Auditorium Plaza Garage